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Millions have found their life partner at Arham Matrimony!

Dhiraj & Ruchita

"I found someone with lot of similarities on BharatMatrimony"

Priya & Vishal

"She went down on her knee and won my heart"

Srikesh & Venmani

"She is a foodie and I love cooking for her'

Because a marriage is between two families

Arham Matrimony is different from other matchmaking sites because of some unique benefits that every parent will find highly useful

About Us

Arham Matrimony is a matchmaking service created for parents who are looking for a life partner for their loved ones. Unlike other Matrimonial services, we focus on providing detailed family and background information to help you take the next step with confidence. With over 80+ community sites, you can find a match from your own community. 

Get Complete Family Information

You will find detailed family information in every profile. Knowing the family will help you take the next step with confidence.

Get Matches from your Community

With over 80 community sites, you can find a match from your community.

Find Common Links with Prospects

A common native place, college or company can help you find references and make background checks.

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Millions of Happy Stories

Deepika & Deepak

Marriages are Made in Heaven
Deepak being a service professional, was looking for a working girl. It was a relentless pre condition at the time he registered with us. However close at heels to his search, we found Deepika. She was extremely talented but was not working at that time. Admiring her accomplishments, we took a chance and introduced her to Deepak. As Destiny would have it, Deepak was inclined to marry Deepika in the very first Meeting. All his hard lines diffused in a jiffy. What extra testimony would be there to this sacred belief – Marriages are made in Heaven.

Guneet & Ramanjeet

Thank you guys for the amazing experience. I found my partner in here and now I am happily married and looking forward for years of togetherness thank you team Arham Matrimony.

Riti & Sourab

We met through Bharat Matrimony. We like each others profile after that we shared each others contact number and had a long conversation we decided to meet and through a meeting we really like each other.

Akash & Anjili
It was a great experience searching for a prospect groom. You have to be really patients while searching for your life partner.
Rucha & Parampreet

We matched on Arham Matrimony. where my partner, Parampreet sent a message and I replied immediately. We exchanged numbers and it eventually led to marriage in 8 months. Ours is an inter caste marriage. I am a Gujarati girl and my husband is a Sikh. This is a match made in heaven with the help of  Arham Matrimony

Dipesh & Rakhi

 I had almost given up and wanted to just take a break from this search process. we got a response from Rakhi’s family and I thought to speak as a last try. When I met her, we instantly clicked in the first conversation and I felt that she certainly complements me as a partner, kind of what I had been looking for. Thank you Arham Matrimony for providing this platform and my life partner.

Sruti & Nikhil

Yes we both met on Arham Matrimony last year but somehow got disconnected. We again started to interact offline from this year May and since then it was no looking back. We met for the first time in October and we felt this it is. The time went off so quick and then we met several times and felt the same and on Dec 27, 2020 we got engaged. It was Arham Matrimony on which we met last year and got connected. Thank you!

Padmakar & Minakshi

It was an amazing experience with this app. It took me long time to find my match but be aware from fake profiles. I recommend this app to others. All the best. Thanks to Arham Matrimony

Chitresh & Shweta

In Today’s time, it’s almost impossible to find your soulmate who would love you like no one else in this world, who would be perfect for you, who would be the best in the whole World, who was made only for you from the god. So, I never expected that it would be so easy for me to find like this. Would thanks to Arham Matrimony that I found my perfect match, my love Chitresh. I wish our love and relation stay alive forever.

Tanu & Rishi

I made profile on Arham Matrimony in pursuit to find my perfect match. So, I connected with Tanu. We talked to each other to know the compatibility, likes and expectations. And it was a great chemistry with zero exceptions. Everything was going smooth and families met each other, planned the dates. Finally we got engaged in April, 2021 and planning our wedding in November, 2021. We thank this platform for bringing us closer

Vivek & Anubhuti
Our parents talked over Arham Matrimony after we mutually liked each other, that was the first step towards our success story & we are very thankful for such a wonderful concept Arham Matrimony has. Then finally i met Anubhuti with family in orchha & that was the moment when i felt that i found my true companion & better of half of my life. Thanks again Arham Matrimony.
Vikram & Varsha

Life is amazing, accept what comes your way. Don’t always look on the other side. Our preferences didn’t match but what clicked for us was our truthfulness. We were true to each other from the beginning. This is how it started, chats, call, meet up and a lot of struggle after that but we didn’t let it go. We are happily married now and wish all of you get a suitable partner here.

5 Mistakes to avoid on Matrimonial Websites by Matchfinder Matrimony

There are plenty of linguistic matrimonial websites, so get started to find that perfect life partner if you are really willing to get married.

We are no longer in a world where our parents would find a suitable life partner and we silently agree to it and get married. With the internet providing access to connect from any part of the world, we have various options to choose from.

There are plenty of linguistic matrimonial websites, so get started to find that perfect life partner if you are really willing to get married. This will certainly help you understand the other person in many ways.



When we choose to create a profile, we are clearly looking to upload one of the best photos to find a beautiful soul mate. There are many things that have to be considered to avoid any type of miscommunication or misinformation which could be conveyed even without that magical first meet.

Aremanda Rattaiah who is also the founder Matchfinder Matrimony, one of India’s leading matrimonial website has shared few tips that will certainly be helpful in creating an engaging matrimonial profile.



· Photos

This is the first and foremost thing that pops up when we create a profile on one of these websites. Which photo to upload? A bold or flashy photo could be off-putting for the majority. So, it is better to choose a normal photo which would help best describe you. Many of us think that a flashy photo would do the trick but don’t be fooled by it.


Expectations will be different for everyone, however; the basic needs would still match to a certain extent. Please be clear while inputting the expectations. English is a funny language since a single statement would have multiple meanings. However, a simple statement would certainly suffice to understand what you are looking for.

It is always good to be straightforward with your words without any sophisticated adverbs or adjectives. This is a matrimonial site and not an English grammar exam. Please pay attention to what you write about your expectations.

· Personal Information

We know that over-sharing type since many of us could be doing it accidentally. Control what you say about personal details on an online platform. That exact amount of information which would say you have provided enough basic information since the person reading it need not know every little detail about you.

If anyone is interested, they will certainly contact you and get more information. With that being said, every little detail that you share could be a double-edged sword, so please be careful what you post on an online platform, especially with respect to these matrimonial websites.

· Activity

An active account could certainly lead to more matches than a passive one. So, it is better not to ignore your matrimonial account. The biodata or describe yourself part has to be unique and yet simple. Avoid one-liners in this part of the information. It is the only platform to talk about yourself which could be a life-changer. This information helps the opposite gender to understand your lifestyle as well as what to expect out of this relationship.

· Self-praise

Appropriate information about yourself should set expectations but not mislead those who read it. Don’t overly praise yourself when it comes to these platforms. Setting wrong expectations could break even the best relationships. Please heed to this point very well when you write about yourself.


Keeping these points in mind, create a simple matrimonial profile. We wish you all the best for your future in finding the perfect other half. We hope these tips would help you in finding the perfect match for your lifetime.

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