Differently Abled

As per census 2011, around 2.21% of India’s population is differently-abled, which means that there are a little over 2 crore people in our country who are living with some form of physical or mental handicap that makes it difficult for them to function in, what we like to call, “normal” society.  Which means that the number of people with disabilities in India is almost twice the entire population of Sweden!

With such a large population with special needs, it’s important to understand why they’re still a minority group desperately in need of uplifting.  The social and physical barriers set up in society prevent  differently-abled people from rising above their station and living up to their full potential. Even today, most buildings in India do not have a properly accessible wheelchair ramp. Lack of funding has made it difficult for most welfare projects to get through to completion.

The social stigma surrounding incurable mental illnesses leaves people with no hope, estranged from an apathetic society. The fact that they require special care which may require more finances, leave most families in despair. Especially in a country like India, where most of the population is from a rural background struggling to make ends meet. A lot of NGOs and organizations are working hard to change this mindset and make the world a more accessible place for everyone. But underfunding and less personnel makes it difficult for them to do this.

Listed below are a few organizations in India that are trying to make the world a better place for  specially-abled people and ways to contribute to their efforts.

1. Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

The lack of access to proper special education and individual attention has led to over 60,000  differently-abled young students dropping out of school. Ritham School specially curates syllabi based on individual assessment of their students and provides a 1:8 teacher-student ratio ensuring that all students receive proper individual attention.  

2. Vikash

Most differently-abled people in India are from a rural background. The lack of access to several necessary medical and support services makes it difficult for them to be independent. Vikash works for intellectually challenged children suffering from epilepsy. They provide door-to-door therapy, training and counselling to families. Vikash also runs Mukti Kiran, a residential facility for children who need institutionalized care. The rural families in this area cannot afford the cost of these necessary medical services and the organization accepts donations to sponsor medical treatment of differently-abled people.

NGO for differently abled, Vikash

3. Diya Foundation

The ostracization from society is what impacts overall development the most. Every person feels the desire to be in an inclusive space surrounded by supportive people. Diya Foundation helps create this support system and provides vocational training to intellectually challenged adults so that they can be independent, financially and in society. This NGO for differently-abled people accepts donations to help people with special skills to get trained in life skills.

NGO for differently abled, Diya Foundation

4. National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped

The most difficult hurdle for differently-abled people to cross is to attain economic independence. They find it hard to get hired and have very limited job opportunities to choose from. NASEOH runs a vocational training Centre which teaches trades like pottery, tailoring, communication skills, etc. After completion of the course, the trainees are offered jobs in external or self-employment. This NGO for differently-abled accepts donations to help sponsor the vocational training of individuals with special needs.

5. Adarsh Charitable Trust

When it comes to special needs, education and medical support go hand-in-hand. Most differently-abled people require some form of medical care, be it physical or mental, to co-exist in a social setting. Adarsh trust is the perfect amalgamation of both. They provide education as well as therapy to students that are struggling with different kinds of needs. The foundation has physiotherapists as well as special educators to cater to the students’ every need. This NGO for differently-abled accepts donations to help children in need of therapy and getting the education they deserve.

NGO for differently abled, Adarsh Charitable Trust

You can do your bit to change society’s mindset by donating to any of the NGOs for differently-abled mentioned above through our trustworthy donation platform, GiveIndia.

10 Especially Abled People From India Who Are An Inspiration

  • Ravindra Jain: 

Born visually impaired, Ravindra Jain started singing at a very young age and proved that he had passion on another level. He joined the music industry at a very young age and became one of the most notable music directors of his time. One incident that shows his passion was when he was in a recording session and his father passed away but he did not leave the music room until the recording was finalized. He sang many Bollywood, television and devotional songs. His music for Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana became iconic. 

Ravindra Jain
Ravindra Jain
  • Girish Sharma:

A well-known badminton champion he is a true inspiration. He lost his leg when he was a kid in a train accident. But this did not stop him from becoming a badminton champion. He has just one leg and it is strong enough to cover him across the court. His perseverance to become an athletic was so firm, that he managed to make a name for himself in the field of badminton. 

Girish Sharma
Girish Sharma
  • H. Ramakrishnan

Ramakrishnan is currently the CEO of SS Music Television Channel. He was affected by polio in both his legs when he was two and half years old. He faced extreme discrimination by not going to denied admission to regular school and didn’t get job opportunities because of his disability. He worked as a journalist for 40 years he became the CEO of SS Music Television Channel. He is also a musician and showed his talent at various platforms. He also runs a charitable trust called Krupa to help especially abled people.

H. Ramakrishnan 
H. Ramakrishnan
  • Preeti Srinivasan: 

Paralyzed below her neck, Preeti Srinivasan was the captain of the under-19 Tamil Nadu women’s cricket team. After an unfortunate swimming accident that left her paralyzed below the neck, she is being an inspiration to others through her organization ‘Soulfree’ and have provided women with severe disabilities with hope and assist them in fulfilling their potential. 

Preeti Srinivasan
Preeti Srinivasan
  • Sai Prasad Vishwanathan:

Losing sensations in the lower half of his body when he was a kid, Vishwanathan did not let his disability rule his life, He became India’s first skydiver and has his name registered on the Limca Book of Records for being the first Indian with disability to skydive from 14000 feet. He also co-founded Sahasra and is currently working as a risk consultant at Deloitte U.S in India. 

Sai Prasad Vishwanathan
Sai Prasad Vishwanathan
  • Arunima Sinha:

She lost her leg when she was pushed out of a moving train by some robbers. Having her life take an unpredictable turn, she became the first women amputee to climb the Mount Everest. She denied to be looked down as a handicapped woman and with her strong determination proved that will is far more important than a body. She made history by her determination and fighting spirit. 

Arunima Sinha
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