Defence & Paramilitary Personnel

Defense Forces and Paramilitary Forces of India

Security of India and challenges from external and internal threats is a topic of high importance.

Indian Armed Forces, which consists of Defense Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Strategic Forces Command plays a major role in ensuring national security.

Various Security Forces and Agencies and Their Mandate – a topic for GS Mains Paper 3 – is discussed in detail in another post.

Security Forces

Security Forces in India can be broadly divided into two –

  1. Indian Armed Force
  2. Central Armed Police Force (CAPF)

Security Forces Dealing with External Threats

The defence forces (Indian Armed Force) are the primary force responsible for the security of the country, and they come under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) aid in combating external threats (they mainly manage internal security issues) but are managed by Ministry of Home Affairs.

Indian Armed Force

Indian Armed Force

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