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Insured Name
Arham International Trade Organisation 
PAN India
Benefits and Additional covers considered for Rating
Policy Period
One Year
Member of JIO and their family member will be covered under this policy
Family Definition
Self, Spouse,Any number of Dependent Children up to Age 25 years,One set of Dependent Parent or Parent inlaw.
Age Limit
Age limit 18 years to 65 years
Individual SI
Minimum Lives to start the policy
2,500 Lives
Name of coverage
Medical Expenses of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) will be coverd under this Group Health Insurance policy
Claim Admissibility Criteria
Member should be tested positive for the Covid 19 through a government approved diagnostic test in a government authorized diagnostic centre to be eligible for claim under this policy
Pre-Existing Diseases
Not covered
Waiting Period
Expenses related to the treatment of Covid-19 within 14 days from the first policy commencement date shall be excluded.
In case of persons undertaking international travel, expenses related to the treatment of Covid-19 within 14 days from of their date of return to India shall be excluded.
Room Rent Capping
Room Rent, Boarding, Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital / Nursing Home – With an upper limit of 1% of Sum Insured & Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU) expenses – With an upper limit of 2% of Sum Insured OR As applicable Room Rent / ICU charges mentioned in the Local Govt notification.
Pre and Post hospitalization expenses
Covered upto 15 days prior to Hospitalisation & 30 days after Hospitalisation
AYUSH Treatment
The expenses incurred on treatment for Covid-19 under Ayurveda,Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy systems of medicines during each Policy Year up to the limit of sum insured as specified in the policy schedule in any AYUSH Hospital will be covered
Home Care Treatment Expenses
Treatment availed by the Insured Person at home for Covid 19 on positive diagnosis of Covid 19 will be cover subjected to:
a) The Medical practitioner advices the Insured person to undergo treatment at home.
b) There is a continuous active line of treatment with monitoring of the health status by a medical practitioner for each day through the duration of the home care treatment.
Ambulance Charges
Per hospitalization and per Policy Period: Rs. 2000/-
Claim Intimation/ submission
All reimbursement claims should be intimated to Insurer within 48 hours of Hospitalization and documents of claim should be submitted to the Insurer within 30 days of discharge. Intimation & other Queries to be sent to [email protected]
Mid-term Deletion & Addition
Deletion of members would be permitted,Premium will refund on pro-Rata basis subjected to no claim in respect of the particular insured Person. Addition of members would be allowed only for the New Joinee, premium will charged on pro-rata basis.
OPD Cover
Maximu up to Rs. 3000/- will be covered for Consultations, Prescribed Diagnostics and Prescribed Pharmacy on OPD basis with in the Sum insured Limit.
Co-Morbidity cover however expenses for treatment of co-morbidity is not covered. For ex. Patient has diabetes then during hospitalisation treatment to control sugar level will not be paid but treatement of COVID will be paid
Hospital Cash Cover
Maximum up to Rs.1000/-for each 24 hours of continuous hospitalization subject to maximum of 14 days in a policy period will be covered with in theSum Insured Limit.
Premium, SI & Lives Details
Per life Premium including GST
Universal Sompo In House TPA
Investigation & Evaluation
Expenses related to any admission primarily for diagnostics and evaluation purposes. Any diagnostic expenses which are not related or not incidental
to the current diagnosis and treatment
Rest Cure, Rehabilitation and Respite Care
Expenses related to any admission primarily for enforced bed rest and not for receiving treatment. This also includes:
i. Custodial care either at home or in a nursing facility for personal care such as help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, moving around either by skilled nurses or assistant or non-skilled persons.
ii. Any services for people who are terminally ill to address physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.
Dietary supplements and substances
Dietary supplements and substances that can be purchased without prescription, including but not limited to Vitamins, minerals and organic substances unless prescribed by a medical practitioner as part of hospitalization claim or Home care treatment.
Unproven Treatments
Expenses related to any unproven treatment, services and supplies for or in connection with any treatment. Unproven treatments are treatments, procedures or supplies that lack significant medical documentation to support their effectiveness. However, treatment authorized by the government for the treatment of COVID-19 shall be covered.
Biological attack or weapons
Biological attack or weapons, contributed to, caused by, resulting from or from any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss, claim or expense. For the purpose of this exclusion:
Biological attack or weapons means the emission, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of any pathogenic (disease producing) micro-organisms and/or biologically produced toxins (including genetically modified organisms and chemically synthesized toxins) which are capable of causing any Illness, incapacitating disablement or death
Other Exclusions
Any expenses incurred on Day Care treatment
Diagnosis /Treatment outside the geographical limits of India
Testing done at a Diagnostic centre which is not authorized by the Government shall not be recognized under this Policy
Any expenses incurred in respect of inoculations, vaccinations or other preventive treatment.
All covers under this Policy shall cease if the Insured Person travels to any country placed under Travel restriction by the Government of India.
The person who are already affected by Corona Virus / or have suspected quarantine previously will be not covered under this policy
Pre-existing disease


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