AITO UPSC is established by AITO COMMITEE. It’s aim is to empower Jain youth by providing them the opportunity to prepare for Civil and Judicial services examination. It has helped many civil services exam aspirants to get success in this exam & many aspirants have joined prestigious services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS including state services in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Pradesh etc.

AITO UPSC, in it’s Delhi centre provide free residential facility and hygienic Jain food. It also gives a substantial subsidy to the students to join excellent UPSC coaching centres in Delhi. Apart from this, it also conducts in-house classes on specific subjects by the experts. More importantly, the secret behind AITO UPSC’s success is guidance and mentoring provided by the selected candidates and senior civil servants. Moreover, the well-equipped library gives a conducive and competitive environment for the study.

Adding another feather in AITO UPSC’s cap, in 2020, it has collaborated with Gujarat, Saurashtra & Indore university to establish UPSC preparation centres at Ahmedabad, Rajkot & Indore respectively.These centres are open to young and talented youth from all sections of the society for the preparation of Civil services. Detailed information of these centres is available on their respective web sites.

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